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Meet The Volunteers

One reason I choose to volunteer for the Morgan Duke Conservation Society is due to my love for being outdoors. The Hudson Valley is a beautiful place and we must work together to keep it that way. The time I spend volunteering is dedicated mostly to litter removal on state land.
Keeping our state land clean and free of litter makes it healthier all around. When the area is clean and free of debris, the environment can thrive.

As a Morgan Duke Volunteer, I dedicate a lot of my time at Minnewaska State Park. The park is open to the public year round and sees a lot of foot and bike traffic. Because the park is so well visited, it can also become littered in a short period of time. The staff at Minnewaska is nothing short of amazing. They have such important roles to play, the litter left behind by patrons should not become their daily battle. The staff genuinely appreciates the volunteers, which makes the experience that much more worthwhile.
Becoming a volunteer for Morgan Duke has been the highlight of my year. The rewards are plentiful. Personally, I find it rewarding because I feel like I am making a difference. The president of Morgan Duke, James Sullivan, is constantly checking in and making sure the volunteers have all the necessary supplies (bags, grabbers, Clynk bags). Whenever I reach out with a question or an idea, he is always willing to help. The ease of communication within the organization and the accessibility of information regarding events, needs, etc. makes it such a positive experience.