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Morgan Duke Conservation Society is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) public charity organization that is incorporated as a Not-For-Profit corporation in the State of New York. We have received generous support from individuals and small businesses over the past 10 years who have donated to our environmental conservation work. This support enables us to operate the organization, provide tools and resources to our volunteers, and carry out our mission of environmental conservation. We are grateful for the many one-time and monthly donors who trust that their contributions are being used effectively.

Our organization's leadership team, board members, and volunteers do not receive payment for their services, as they prefer to see the funds go towards environmental conservation programs. Furthermore, it is clearly stated in our bylaws that we are not allowed to lobby or support any candidate running for office.

There are various ways in which individuals and small businesses can support our environmental conservation work, with the goal of preserving natural spaces and creating a clean environment for future generations to enjoy. At Morgan Duke Conservation Society, we are committed to protecting and preserving as many areas as possible, allowing for wildlife to thrive in harmony with their natural habitats.

It is important to note that all donations made to Morgan Duke Conservation Society are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Donate Online

There are  options for donating money. You can donate on our website by clicking the donate button at the top of the page; our progressing system is Stripe, and you can also donate via PayPal.

If you do not feel comfortable donating online, you can send a check payable to Morgan Duke Conservation Society to the following address: P.O. Box 10806 Newburgh NY 12552 Please indicate if this is a one-time or recurring donation. All contribution acknowledgments will be mailed or emailed.

Recycle Bottles and Cans:

 Morgan Duke Conservation Society reduce the amount of cans and bottles that wind up in forest areas, along beaches, rivers, streams, and lakes. Every day, our volunteers discover bottles and cans on trails, in lakes, and on roadways. New York MT Returnable, a small-business redemption center situated in Queensbury, New York, is one of two excellent redemption centers with whom we work. Citizens of Warren and Washington counties can contribute their bottles and cans to the Morgan Duke Conservation Society by delivering them to MT Returnables. Also, we partner with CLYNK, which is located in the majority of Hannaford stores in New York State. Many of our supporters recycle their cans and bottles to prevent them from ending up in landfills. Volunteers on the ground collect bottles and cans and return them to CLYNK so that the organization can receive funding.

For Warren & Washington County Residents:

Please visit the website of MT Returnables to learn how to donate your bottles and cans to the Morgan Duke Conservation Society. Please indicate that you would like to donate your bags to Morgan Duke Conservation Society when you drop them off.


Several benevolent donors frequently request CLYNK bags because they want to keep their bottles and cans out of landfills and also because they want to support our environmental conservation efforts. Individuals, small businesses, and educational institutions can order CLYNK totes to support our environmental conservation efforts. The CLYNK bags with our organization's tags are provided at no cost, and supporters who wish to use their own CLYNK bags may simply request tags.

Spark Good Round Up

By purchasing on or the Walmart app, users can round up their purchases to the nearest dollar and give the difference to the Morgan Duke Conservation Society.


We are continuously seeking volunteers who are interested in volunteering at one of the many venues with which we collaborate. Many of our volunteers perform environmental conservation tasks, such as picking up trash, planting trees, and working on wildlife habitat projects, as well as arrange community cleanup activities and volunteer group gatherings. We are also seeking candidates for positions such as group organizer and volunteer coordinator. Volunteering is available to individuals, students, graduates, families, and groups.

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