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The Morgan Duke Conservation Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting forests and water bodies from threats, such as people walking off the trails and damaging vegetation and impacts of throwing litter on the trails, hiding litter in the vegetation. Our team works tirelessly to educate the public on the importance of proper waste disposal to prevent wildlife habitat damage and harming wildlife like threatening species and preserve natural habitats for wildlife. From Orange County to Putnam County to Ulster County and other areas, our volunteer's hike through forested areas, Wildlife Management Areas, and waterways to clean up litter, report damaged vegetation, assess trail conditions, and even plant trees to restore destroyed habitats. We collaborate with state and local conservation agencies to develop and implement innovative solutions that safeguard these precious natural areas and the wildlife that call them home.

Volunteers Cleaning Beach

Meet The Team

Board of Directors

James Sullivan                                           Kacie Quackenbush

Roy Quackenbush                                      Carrie Gillen

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