About Us

The Morgan Duke Conservation Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental stewardship in some of the most scenic and treasured state parks in the Northeastern US. Our passion for natural beautification has led us to be one of the largest conservation groups on the East Coast. Founder James Sullivan had a love of visiting the Hudson River Recreation Area and helped to keep it clean. This place inspired him to fund what is now the Morgan Duke Conservation Society. We host a wide range of projects throughout the region. We maintain the surrounding high-traffic National and State Parks by planting trees, collecting litter, preserving archaeological sites, removing graffiti, and creating a culture of stewardship in Upstate New York and beyond! We are volunteer-based, which means that our work would not be possible without our wonderful volunteers, who have dedicated countless hours to our mission. Environmental education is a facet of our many efforts to preserve and protect our state parks. We are committed to leading by example and teaching our community the importance of ethical land management for all to enjoy.

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